Sales Tax Summary / Report

Sales tax reporting is one task that can be a challenge for any business: Determining the total sales, the amount of sales tax collected, how much to pay to the state, to the counties, and cities. And... what about the rates?

myECommerceHub provides the Sales Tax Summary report to help you with your periodic sales tax submissions.

For the Sales Tax Summary, the myECommerceHub :

  • Calculates Sales Tax distribution daily from the amount your Storefront collected on that day's orders.
  • ZIPCODE to Sales Tax rates used from by Avalara.
  • Choose the date range for which the report is generated.
  • Sorts by State and Region.
  • Shows amount assessed by your storefront by ZIPCODE, Region and State.

When you subscribe to the myECommerceHub and connect your storefront to Campaign Monitor for your eMail campaigns, every new buyer’s email address will be automatically added to your designated list. All you have to do is start communicating with your new customer!

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