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Frequestly Asked Questions

myECommerceHub has been created to help merchants stream-line their eCommerce management. Currently the hub pulls orders from a selling channel and sends the order to your configured shipping management provider. In the future, we'll be adding support for more eCommerce Storefronts, shipping management solutions, accounting solutions, inventory management and more.
Yes. myECommerceHub will periodically ‘ask’ the storefront for new orders. It will then store them locally in the hub's database and send them to the configured shipping management solution. You will not need to load them into the hub manually!
Yes. myECommerceHub will receive the tracking information from the configured shipping management solution once the order is 'shipped' and send it on to the storefront where the order is updated that information for your customer. You will not need to manually enter this information on the order in your storefront.
This depends on how you have your storefront configured to process payments. However, in general, yes. The myECommerceHub will call the Capture method on the order after the tracking information has been updated on the order. Then, it is up to how the payment component of your storefront performs the capture of the payment.
We have a flexible cost structure where you are charged based on the transaction volume of a connection. Click here to review our pricing page. Please note that fees are charged to your credit card in the month following the provision of service.
No. You can stop or pause your subscription at any time. If a connection has been enabled at any point in a month and orders have been processed, you'll be charged at the level for the order volume processed. Please note that fees are charged to your credit card in the month following the provision of service.
Yes! It is important to us that you get connected to your selling channel and management solutions as quickly and easily as possible.  If you're trying the installation yourself and get stuck, give us a call. One of our technicians will help you get through the issue.


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