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Why Use My eCommerce Hub?

Improve Efficiency

Hand-keying order processing data inevitably leads to mistakes, which means wasted money and wasted time. My eCommerce Hub eliminates the need for hand-entering order numbers, tracking codes, names, addresses, and more. Your shipping department can move up to 10 times faster by connecting your selling channels to a shipping management system through My eCommerce Hub.

Speed-Up Order Processing

Don’t make your customers wait an extra day because you can’t process their order in a timely manner. Automate your system with the help of My eCommerce Hub

Reduce the number of orders that are delayed due to wrong information being entered for an address or tracking code. Our automation will speed-up the entire process and will even report sales summaries for your channels on one comprehensive page.

Increase Accuracy

Customers won’t see mistakes being made and your shipping department won’t get caught making re-keying mistakes. With the help of My eCommerce Hub, your business’ reputation will increase while your customers will find your efficiency and accuracy refreshing.

Save Time

Get your orders out more quickly with the help of My eCommerce Hub. Your customers will be impressed and your customer service ratings will go up. When product orders go out more quickly, credit card batching can occur in a timelier manner assuring that you get paid for every transaction!

Save Money

Time is Money.  In business, they go hand in hand.  So, you could reduce the number of shipping department employees and move them into other vital roles at your company. You can save on payroll with fewer employees completing the same work in a shorter amount of time. As your company grows, move these resources to managing inventory, boxing shipments and customer service. .

Improve Customer Service

Everyone wants their orders processed more quickly and with more accuracy. Let My eCommerce Hub help you get your shipments out the door and improve your customer satisfaction ratings. With faster processing and increased data accuracy, your customers will be phoning to thank you and place another order.

Centralize Order Processing

Find your vital selling and shipping information for all of your channels on one comprehensive page. The My eCommerce Hub reporting system will give you the tables and graphs you need to follow your progress with a glance.

Cross Channel Reporting

My eCommerce Hub provides reporting on sales for your multiple channels on one page so you can get control of where and how your money is made. 




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